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Business & Nonprofit Startup

Focalgate is your comprehensive source for business and nonprofit creation support; whether you’re a new sole proprietor, a community development organization, a new political organization, or a high-tech startup seeking significant venture capital funding, we’ve been there and done that. 

We understand the effort you’ve put into making your idea a reality, and the high level of ownership you feel. 

Our consultants each have over 30 years of experience creating successful business and nonprofit enterprises.  We’ve started all types of business entities, social service organizations, been down the venture capital trail, obtained private placements and angel investments, and worked with those investors - good and bad.  We know how to help you be successful.

We’re uniquely qualified to help you every step of the way.  Our team will help you with the right entity structure, creation of legal documents for business formation and raising capital, establishing an accounting system, management structure, creation of business, marketing, and sales plans, and helping you market your organization for success.  We’ll tailor our services for your specific needs large or small.  

And, the poorly kept secret at Focalgate is, we all love working with small entities.  Their enthusiasm is real, and it's infectious.